Spinach and Red Pepper Frittata Recipe (2024)



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It helps if the eggs are at room temperature or better. Let eggs in shell sit in a hot water bath for five or ten minutes. Helps keep the mixture from sticking


Think it would be possible to use frozen chopped spinach if you didn't have fresh?


I assume "nonstick" really means you should use a cast iron pan--but I may be wrong about that. This calls for advice from Martha Rose Shulman.


I haven't made this recipe, but for those of you with a microwave, you can "steam" the spinach in 35 seconds in a large ceramic or china bowl.


Please consider that a golden brown doneness implies a tougher and leathery result. Over the decades of eating frittata with my Roman family they have taught me the Italian preference for a much softer consistency. Just as the French like their omelette a "baveuse" so do most Italians like their frittatas on the soft side.


A dash of crushed red pepper flakes is very good.


I do not like marjoram and I had some feta cheese I needed to use so I substituted the feta for the marjoram. I thought it was very good.


Great recipe for using up veggies - cilantro, onion, red and green peppers, and tomatoes - and having some in the fridge means no cooking in the morning ...


Yum yum! This is an excellent breakfast, brunch dinner or snack for family or company. A must have for any cook- great vegetable-protein ratio. Add Sautéd mushrooms for a great variation.

The Clean Plate Club

Defrost 1 bag frozen chopped spinach in fridge (24 hours ahead). Hand squeeze excess water out, proceed to Step 2.

North Country Rambler

I was surprised to see the broiler time included as the final step. Sounds chancy to me, especially for novice cooks. I stove top my frittatas until they are set (but still liquid in the center), and then finish for 10 minutes in a preheated 350-degree oven. No risk & works every time (at least in my 12" Swiss Diamond nonstick frypan)

Karen L Davis

Oops! Forgot to mention that the entire time I was eating my slice, I was craving a bit of the flavor of parmesan cheese. Next time I'll sprinkle some fresh grated over the frittata as I slide it under the broiler.


Yes if you get the kind that comes loose in the bag. I use both chopped and leaf frozen spinach for omelets and fritattas. It does not have to be squeezed dry like frozen spinach in the box. I prefer the combination of onions, mushrooms and spinach.


It helps if the eggs are at room temperature or better. Let eggs in shell sit in a hot water bath for five or ten minutes. Helps keep the mixture from sticking


This was fairly straightforward to make and came out decently - changes were subbing marjoram for half measurement of cilantro, adding feta before baking, and putting in oven at 350° instead of broiler to protect nonstick. In the future would add onion and red pepper flakes. Overall not super flavorful in any way, and I don’t want to drown it in salt.

Steve L-W

I'm substituting fresh oregano for the marjoram, which my regular grocery store doesn't carry fresh.What's the tsp mesasurement that 10 leaves of marjoram are equivalent to?

Vin Bonamo

Loved this recipe. But how to keep the bottom from overcooking and nearly burning? I lifted the edges as described in the recipe but after a while there's no liquid egg left to run under the fritatta yet it is not fully cooked.


I don’t see how this rated a 5*


Used 10 eggs. Did not need the full 10 minutes to cook on stove. More like seven mins and 1.5 under broiler.


Great, basic recipe! Note for the future: Step 3 of putting eggs and veggies into a bowl, wiping out the pan, and putting a fresh coat of olive oil into the pan for the next stage is CRUCIAL to make sure your frittata doesn’t stick to the bottom. Also, if you wanted to put the oven temp to 350 (instead of higher heat), just bake a full 3 minutes and it still tastes great.


This is a lovely, easy, healthful recipe. I make it often. Great for guests, meatless dinners, or Sunday mornings. Don’t skip the garlic. My favorite enhancement is to spread some crème fraiche on the finished product. Also great with some light cheese over the top before it goes under the broiler.


Frozen spinach works as long as it’s top quality. You can also add potatoes to the mix, but precook then in good EV olive oil.


I used my Lodge 10” cast iron skillet since I don’t have a nonstick skillet. The skillet wasn’t quite as clean as in the pic but the frittata popped out and was delicious. I might add some red pepper flakes to egg mixture next time.

Ms. M

I made a couple tweaks. I added chopped onions with the pepper. I subbed oregano for the marjoram because that’s what I had. And I cut the recipe in 1/2 since there are 2 of us and I didn’t want leftovers. It turned out well and this goes into the rotation.


Delicious and pretty easy especially following the cooking tips. I used a bunch of veg looking soulful in the fridge, in addition to spinach and peppers—green onions, couple asparagus stalks, lots of fresh oregano from the garden. I didn’t add feta, but I can see how that would have added another flavor layer. I halved for myself and now have lunches ready to eat.


I make this frequently, especially for guests. It is delicious and easy, made even better with a small dollop of crème fraiche or sour cream.


I sautéed 1 1/2 onions first them added peppers


Don’t bother steaming spinach at the beginning. Just chop and add a few minutes before peppers are done to wilt. Sprinkled some feta on top before putting in the oven and it was perfect.


A delicious and forgiving way to use up whatever you have too much of! I used bacon fat instead of olive oil, shallots instead of garlic, jarred roasted red peppers, and a spinach and kale mix instead of plain spinach...and tossed in feta because why not? Tips about tilting, shaking, etc. made for an easy slide from skillet to plate.

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Spinach and Red Pepper Frittata Recipe (2024)


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